Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yesterday I watched people chase a roll of cheese down a hill....

....among other things.

Yesterday was the Second Annual Canadian Cheese Rolling Festival. It sounded absolutely absurd (so, of course, I had to go). I figured that everyone would have their own roll of cheese and try and roll it down the hill. It turned out to be even better.

All the contestants, many of them dressed up in appropriately silly costumes, lined up at the top of the hill (it was a pretty mean hill, too) and there was one roll of cheese. The horn blew, the cheese was released and then the contestants followed running madly down the hill. There were big hay bails and some rugby players they had recruited to stand with padded blockers at the bottom to stop the momentum. It was ridiculously awesome. Many grassburns were garnered in the process.

(See that little white dot ahead of the pack? That's the cheese!)


  1. WHAAAAAAAAAT. That's so absurd, I want more cheese rolling in my life.

  2. They played yodeling music as the people ran down the hill. It was fantastic.