Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Looks bad....

.....very bad.....

....but tastes so good!

Sorry, no art or design related posts today. But I've been working hard all week and will have some stuff to share in the next few days! For now you can oggle these (admittedly horribly lit) pictures of my dinner. We had some leftover mashed potatoes that I had made last night and decided that potato pancakes sounded like a grand idea for dinner. So, without looking up a recipe we forged ahead.

The first attempt was just straight-up mashed potatoes fried in butter (pretty much a minor cardio infarction in a pan). That didn't work so well, though when it came to flipping the patty and it was just really a pile of potato mush in butter. The next attempt had an egg mixed in. Slightly better but still impossible to flip. The top picture is an amalgamation of the first two attempts dumped on a plate (they were still consumed).

Third try I added bread crumbs to the eggy potatoes and it worked like a charm! We decided they needed some vegetables to go with them so I fried up some green pepper and onion with a bit of tarragon.

It was good good.

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