Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Cookie Round-Up #2: Unusual Ingredients

Feeling adventurous or want to just try something different? Try some of these recipes with a few unique ingredients. I can't wait to try the sweet potato cookies!

Meyer Lemon and Black Pepper cookies are an interesting
twist on your classic icebox cookie.

Blackberry-Sage Thumbprints sounds like an intriguing combination.

I made these lemon cornmeal cookies last month and they were excellent.

I've been on such sweet potato kick as of late.
I find these sweet potato cookies very intriguing.
(via design crush)

The only thing I ever use pine nuts for is making pesto,
so I'm interested to try these Pine Nut cookies.

I was just recently introduced to potato chip cookies. A friend of a friend made some and they were way better than anything combining baked goods and potato chips would be expected to be. And why not? Cookies? Good! Potato chips? Good! Potato chip cookies? Good Good. Try Martha's drier version or Amy's chewier recipe.

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