Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blog it Forward: What inspires me

It's time for day two of Blog it Forward! I hope everyone went and checked out the amazingly colourful post at hula seventy yesterday. I'm excited to be following such an awesome blog that I've been reading for a while.

For those who are new here, I'm Marisa and I'm an illustrator hailing from Vancouver but currently residing in Milwaukee where I am attending school. Good Good is a place where I can collect and share anything that strikes my fancy.

I've divided my post into two parts to share with you: things that are inspiring me at this moment and things that inspire me always.

right now
paper folding
Over the weekend I watched the documentary Between the Folds and it seriously blew my mind. Seriously, the stuff that people can make by just folding paper is insaaane.
TED 2010
This year's TED conference kicked off yesterday. My school got permission to broadcast the three day conference and I'm looking forward to sitting down and watching some of the speakers.

erik natzke
One of my teacher's told me about Erik Natzke last week. I love the energy and colour in all of his frenetic pieces and the way he fuses fine art and digital media.

hand drawn type (here and here)

travel and architecture (here)

prayer flags

fun food (from prettyfoods)

nerdiness PLUS food (it's an avatart!)

blogs (of course)

the sky, mountains and ocean in home sweet home Vancouver

and the universe.

Well, I guess that's the tip of the iceberg! Thanks for reading and be sure to go check out Good Measure tomorrow as they continue the chain! I'm new to this blog but I poked around and love the clean aesthetic of their blog. I'm looking forward to seeing what they post.


  1. Hi I'm here visiting from Blog It Forward. :) I *love* hand-drawn type, also I am so going to watch that paper folding documentary. And the universe! Yes to that too!

  2. beautiful post, marisa! i am never going to get any work done today - i'll be busy checking out all these inspiring links you've shared! those prayer flags are amazing! thanks so much for joining the mashup! :) victoria

  3. Thanks so much for the link to Between the Folds. It looks excellent. I just put it in my Netflix queue.

  4. excellent, excellent list! so many inspiring links! xo

  5. The paper folding is so beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing your inspirations. I like the fact that they were a bit out there and different. :)

  6. visiting from blog it forward :)

    i also added between the folds to my netflix today after reading this! it looks like something i need to see. i worked with laser cutting and paper folding quite a bit in my past life, but those images are spectacular!

  7. I didn't even realize those were paper at first! It IS crazy what people can do by just folding some paper.

  8. wow; those pieces by erik natzke are amazing! lovely post, and thanks for the nice words about my blog :)

  9. wow, the pray flags and erik natzke's work is amazing. wonderful post, thanks for the inspiration!

  10. beautiful, so beautiful. and I'm honored by your kind words. xo

  11. Great post :) Very pretty and fun! I love fun foods too!

  12. Love the hand cut paper art... I'm always in awe of people that talented. Thanks for sharing :)