Friday, February 12, 2010

I want to go gondola-surfing

Seriously, if they let people do this for reals at Grouse, I would do it. It's sad that the weather is so crappy in this photo and you can't see the city (which, for those unfamiliar with Vancouver, would show how terrifying this must be). I still want to, though. I'm telling you, gondola surfing will be the new zipline. I'm gonna make it happen.

That is Michael Buble on the left fyi
More torch relay pictures here

So it's finally here! The Olympics! And while I am bummed to not be at home in Vancouver I am still super pumped that I get to see home 24/7 on the tv for the next two weeks. You can forward all mail for the next two weeks to Marisa, the chair in front of the tv.

(And if you could arrange for an owl to deliver my mail directly into my lap that would be great, too, thanks.)

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