Sunday, February 28, 2010

The only thing worse would be if Carrot Top were part of the closing ceremonies.

Nickelback is playing during the closing ceremonies?? WHY?

There are few things I hate more in life than Nickelback. And I can think of about a bajillion more talented Canadian musicians on the spot. I would rather have a non-Canadian band play the closing ceremonies than Nickelback.

End mini-rant.


  1. My goodness that SUCKS!
    nickelback? really...eww.

  2. Nickelback is my least fave. I didn't know they were Canadian. I'm kind of happy I don't have to claim them as American.

    And those ice skating photos were awesome.

  3. oh...thank you for the laugh! my son (16) enthusiastically agrees (and laughed too).

  4. So right! Nickelback is definitely not the best Canada has to offer.

  5. Ha, I'm glad everyone enjoyed this. I didn't watch the aftershow since NBC delayed it but I hear that Simple Plan was also part of the esteemed set list.

    (In my head, I can just see Nina Garcia shaking her head and going "I question your taste" at these choices)