Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Mix #35: In the sun

dreamy picture from the photostream of Maggie Lochtenberg

Look how huge I can make pictures now! If you have a sec, please vote in the poll in the sidebar.

I don't know about where everyone else is, but it is finally starting to feel like spring around here! I keep reading about all the cherry blossoms on all the Vancouver-based blogs I follow and I am very jealous. It'll probably be another few weeks before we see any cherry blossoms around here.

A couple notes related to this week's mix: a) I got tickets to see Mumford & Sons in Vancouver on May 30 (be jealous)—insert happy dance here—, b) She & Him will be part of the line-up for the Verge Fest here in Milwaukee for those of you sticking around here this summer.

Have a good week!

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