Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My grandkid's grandkids thank you

"I will definitely be making and consuming some of these in the near future."— this was what I vowed when I saw last week's Baked on Monday from Pinecone Camp. And I am a woman of my word.

As a woman of my word, I have in fact made these twice since last Monday.

These sqaures are fantastic. Nice shortbready bottom crust topped with a delicious apricot concoction that isn't too sweet. I think this recipe will be entered into the family annals and passed down for generations.

I made a couple of changes. One was changing up the apricot jam for this orange-lemon-apricot-ginger marmalade. A few weeks ago, a regular customer at the garden center stopped by and gave this to my mom as a thank you for all of her help! I also doubled the amount of coconut (the first time by accident, the second time on purpose). Finally, I added a bit of lime zest for a little extra zing.

You can find the original recipe right here on Pinecone Camp along with Janis' beautifully styled and shot photographs (that are infinitely better than mine!)

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