Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Mix #44: What's goin' on?

Middle eastern Fanta, anyone?

Oh, Monday, Monday, you have arrived far too quickly. Luckily, I have the day off! Here's what my weekend looked like. Hope everyone else's was grand as well.

The sister and I ventured over to Stanley Park on Friday and while sitting on the grass eating our tarts, we saw a couple dozen people riding past on tandem bicycles and decided that Friday was the day we would try our hands at riding one. It was kind of ridiculous but fun, nonetheless.

Here are five songs that struck my fancy this week. I would also like to direct your attention over to NPR to check out The Walkmen's new single—it's fantastic.

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  1. Love those happy finger nails! I haven't been on a tandem bike in ages...thanks for the reminder. Now I have to check out these songs. merci!

  2. I love the Fanta can design so much.