Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Dance Break

Sorry for the radio silence yesterday, just finishing up some projects before my Fall Break.

So, I've got another Fatboy Slim video for you this week. It was just so sunny that I wanted to share it before the cold weather sets in (I can feel it coming. It's 45˚ in Milwaukee right now. 45˚!) This video was a submission for a music video competition for the band and makes me seriously jealous of her mad hula-hooping skillz (one of the few times in my life that I have been able to use that phrase in a non-sarcastic manner). I was always pleased whenever I managed to get two hoops going at once, and then a few seconds later, they would inevitably start spinning in different directions.

So take a break, bust a move, and be excited that it's the weekend.

Natalie of The Soho has been running a great guest-post series while she is busy moving across the country and was kind enough to ask me to write up a post for her! If you'd like to see what I love about the cities I live in, just pop over to the Soho on Monday.

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