Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Les beaux instants

I read about this cute and (if I'm going to judge the book by its cover....which I always do) gorgeously designed book in enRoute which is the in flight magazine for Air Canada. I always manage to find something interesting in it when I fly. enRoute describes Les beaux instants (by Laurent Moreau) as a "Taoist colouring book [that] teaches kids to appreciate the simple moments in life". I think it would be great for grown-ups since kids normally have no trouble appreciating the small things in life.


  1. The first time an in flight magazine caught my eye was when I found a recipe for ginger-ale from a restaurant in my neighborhood. Recently I saw Bento Boxes (clearly I'm gaga for them)in an in flight magazine. You hit the jackpot though - I love this coloring book!

  2. You're so right! Much better for adults. x