Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Mix #74: Start of something

Weekend of Awesome was a success! Hope everyone else had an equally awesome time (unless you are a Steelers fan, in which case, your weekend had a bit of a damper put on it). I don't really have any right to trash talk since I'm no football fan (I don't even know the rules) but I had a grand time with some of my friends yesterday eating enough junk food for ten people (there were four of us) and cheering on the Packers. I'm happy I got to experience that while living in Milwaukee. Have a great week, everyone!

P.S. Have you seen these crazy pictures from last week's blizzard?

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  1. "Eating junk food for 10 (but) there were four" is a defining quote in our home. I am always cooking for a party! xo Samantha

  2. Whaaat, today's playlist is off the hook! I can't wait to play it while I get ready tomorrow morning.