Friday, April 1, 2011

Good Good Links for the Weekend

Hi all, just popping in before the weekend. Did anyone pull any good April Fools pranks today?

Not much time spent internet browsing this week so today's list is few but awesome. Have an awesome weekend!

Uhhh yum!

Take a look at this beautiful blog about beautiful homes.

Oh my gosh! My dad just told me to go watch this ridiculously cute and hilarious video.


  1. I saw that video last week and made everyone in the studio take a look. At first they were like "great. Jim is making us indulge his odd tastes in Youtubeness"....but by 15 seconds into this video of the twins catching up by the fridge
    my taste in weird/funny/sad/touching YouTube Videos was proved right.

    And the Venice art is so gorgeous, btw. Maybe
    your next project must be Indian palaces.

  2. totally missed and ducked out of the way to be pranked - whew! made out okay thank goodness. not much of a prankster myself but always love teasing the boyf, which happens almost everyday anyways ; )

    love marion housebook, gorgeous site for sure but that vid was really cute. twin babies, talking or not always cheer my up. happy weekend wishes! ♥