Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Good Links for the Weekend

Is anyone doing anything fun for Easter this year? Egg dying? Chocolate hunt? My friend Abi's family is adopting me for the holiday again (we called it Marister). Hope everyone has a great chocolate-filled weekend!

Amazing aerieal photos via cup of jo

Adorable and delicious looking little Ukrainian pancakes.

Springtime in New York at the Union Square Greenmarket.

Nerdy cross-stitch? Yes please. (seen on pikaland)

Two delicious worlds collide.

Where was this list two weeks ago??

31 Jokes for nerds.

DIY tiny polaroid magnets seen on elephantine.

One of the most delicious and beautiful blogs I've seen in awhile.

Absolutely stunning series of prints seen on Design Crush

Also via Design Crush, hardcore I want to go to there.


  1. Loving that list of how to de-stress! I've now saved it to my computer for those stressful times :) x

  2. Absolutely fantastic list! I've missed so much this week it feels like.
    As for Easter, I have a brunch to make, a dinner to go to, and a fun egg hunt in my future! Happy Easter and have a great weekend!

  3. Tiny polaroid magnets -- looooove it!

  4. Oh, those tulips! Beautiful. Great list!

  5. So glad we were able to meet at MIAD! Great links, love your blog and your website : ) Can't wait to see more! xo

  6. I love your blog! So cute - and the links on this weekend list are great! I'll definitely be following your blog in the future - thanks for stopping by mine too! :)

  7. Thank you for the links :o) I loved the ukranian pancake one! I hope you are having a wonderful Easter weekend! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving me a kind comment, too :o)

  8. thank you for your comment on my blog, hope you're having a wonderful Easter ;-)

  9. omg, that field of tulips doesn't even look real.

  10. those tulips look gorgeous! wish I was there!