Friday, April 15, 2011

Guest Blogger: Jessica from Jessica Jane Handmade

Jessica is a talented artist and pretty much all around fantastic, creative blogger. I can always count on her blog for a delicious recipe, amazing art, and details about the beautiful simplicities of life like jam and flowers

Hello all! I am pleased to be the guest blogger today on Good Good! On the world wide web, I am known as Jessica Jane. In real life, only my aunt calls me by my full name, most people call me Jessi, but you, you can call me whatever you want.

When Marisa asked me to guest on her blog, I gladly said yes! What do I love most about summer? I like Summer, but, Summer is actually my least favorite season of the year. Not that I hate it or anything, but if I had to make a list summer would be last. I am a natural redhead, I don't tan, I hate sweating, and have to carry SPF 500 at all times. Did I mention I loathe the smell and feeling of sunscreen?

Despite my pessimistic attitude in that last paragraph, summer is pretty awesome, and I did come up with some of my favorite memories/things about summer.

1. Helping my grandma in her garden and picking fresh raspberries as a reward. At the time this seemed like a chore, but looking back on it, I wish I could go back and do it all over again. (Has anyone ever tried white raspberries? So good!)
raspberries by Julia Bereciartu

2. Going out on the boat and fishing. I grew up on Lake Erie in Ohio, so fishing was a part of life. I used to be a wuss, and made everyone else worm the hook for me. My husband is a devoted fisherman and now we use fake worms and the such.
daisy boats by Lisa Solomon

3. Amusement parks, particularly Cedar Point. (Also an attraction on Lake Erie) There was never a summer I didn't go. My favorite ride is still the Raptor, and the Ferris wheel. You can get such an awesome view of the lake and islands up at the top.
up so high by Katy/ArtfulMagpie

4. And last but not least, what is summer without ice cream? I don't want summer if I can't have a soft serve ice cream cone with sprinkles and crunch coat! I would hate to be lactose intolerant.
ice cream by Claire Helene

What's your favorite ice cream treat? Do you go with a Sundae, flurry, milkshake? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for inviting me over to your blog Marisa!! Now, I'm off to find the nearest soft serve ice cream place, and get a head start on summer. XO-Jessica Jane


  1. Le sigh...picking fresh raspberries sounds AMAZING (though I think more would end up in my mouth than my basket ;))...the fact that this is cherished time with grannie is all the sweeter :)

  2. I'm touched that you used my photo with the likes of Julia Bereciatu and Lisa Solomon, but it would be even nicer if you credited us under the photos!

  3. I am loving these summer posts! Although I am currently greatly enjoying autumn, I adore full-heartedly summer, and these allow me to live it through the pictures and posts! Keep them coming!

  4. Hi Claire, I have updated the direct links below the photos to include your names. I'm sorry if you felt the previous credits were inadequate and I hope we can put this behind us! Your photos are beautiful and am proud to have them on my blog and making it a prettier space :)

  5. I'm all about frozen yogurt (the tart kind that really tastes like yogurt), but milkshakes are a popular summer treat in my household, too. Your combination sounds delicious, though!