Thursday, April 14, 2011

Guest Blogger: Melanie from You Are My Fave

You Are My Fave was one of the first blogs I started reading way back when! It is pretty much made of awesome. Melanie has a wicked eye for fun party paraphernalia and her constant 30 Rock references will always keep me coming back for more. 

It's impossible to not like summer. In fact, if you tell me you prefer winter over summer, I'll have some serious thinking to do before I decide if we can still be friends. Just think about the happiness summer brings:

1. Bare legs and bike rides! Right now, I would rather be cold then put on tights.

2. Fresh produce and gardens! I could bite into a fresh garden tomato just like an apple.

3. Outdoor parties! Twinkle lights, warm evenings, and all your guests are happy because they're actually getting their daily vitamin D.

4. Popsicles and other cold treats! I eat these year round but they taste better in the summer.


  1. I love outdoor dinners in the summer. Whether on my friend's roof in NYC or in my backyard I can't get enough ! Of course lots of bugspray too, yuck :(

  2. Yeah, twinkle lights in the summer time are the best!

  3. i pretty much agree with everything, especially about tomatos, I do do that!

  4. Good list! I want that popsicle right now.

  5. Outdoor parties are the best! I have a chiminea in my backyard, & I love to gather friends or family around with marshmallows & straightened-out hangers.