Monday, April 11, 2011

Guest Blogger: Mireille from Oh Bonjour

When I told my sister about the guest blogger series I was planning, she of course wanted to be a part of it (who wouldn't?) Mireille blogs over at Oh Bonjour occasionally and her header never fails to make me laugh (she made it when I first got my tablet). 

Hey all! This is Mireille (Marisa's super cool sister) writing and here is my top reasons why I cannot WAIT for summer to arrive! Just the thought of it makes me ache for warm sun, cool popsicles, and lazy days.

1) I can't wait to cook/bake/eat/spend all of my time with food. I lived in a dorm for the first year of university this year and did not have any cooking facilities (although I have gotten quite creative with a microwave.) So over the year I have accrued a hefty sized (and I mean hefty) list of things I can't wait to make this summer. Here is just a sampling:

2) Time to read! Right beside my list of things to cook is my list of books to read which has been growing just as rapidly throughout the year. Is there anything better than reading a good book outside while basking in the warmth of the sun?

Here are a few reads on my list for this summer:
  • Freakonomics (I took econ this year so maybe I'll actually understand some of it!)
  • Girl with the Dragon Tattoo & series (I started but never finished)
  • The Fry Chronicles (Stephen Fry's autobiography)
  • Bossypants (Tina Fey's new book)

3) Traveling! (Always messed me up whether there was one "L" or two in that) As I'm sure you may know this lovely blogger (my sister) is graduating this year. They grow up so fast these days don't they? For the occasion my parents and I will be driving out from the west coast to the ceremony!

I wish this was my ride.

4) Family fun. Accompanying our trek to the East coast will be the tour de family along the way. I'm so excited to see everyone again (including my sister!)

You are the Ben to my Jerry.

Thanks for letting me do this post and here's to an excellent summer!



  1. Great post! It has been lot of fun!!! kisses

  2. What a cute post from your sis! I love all these things!

  3. yes! I totally want to read that tina fey book!!

  4. Bossypants is on my reading list too! Very sweet post. Oh, and I think Canadians spell "travelling" with two l's? Maybe?