Friday, April 8, 2011

Guest Blogger: Natalie from The SoHo

Natalie was kind enough to think of including me in her guest blog series last year while she was moving across the country and I'm glad she agreed to do the same for me today! The SoHo is a blog full of beautiful home details, delicious food (when I go to New York, I am seriously eating all the donuts), and lovely snippets of NYC life.

Hi, I'm Natalie of The SoHo. I love cooking, photography and finding pretty things. I'm so glad Marisa invited me to guest post. She did the same for me last fall with a testament to her love for Vancouver and Milwaukee, so I'm happy to return the favor.

After a drawn-out, unusually snowy winter here in New York, my heart is beating faster just thinking of what summer will bring. Here are a few things I'm already daydreaming about:

peaches soaked in white wine, the most satisfying and simple summer dessert

Revlon's Craving Coral, my go-to summer nail polish color
-- best showcased in a pair of peep toe wedges
three solid months of delicious 
experimentation with the ice cream maker
traveling -- I'm in two weddings this summer, I'll be squeezing in a visit to Seattle, and then there are all the spontaneous weekend getaways that make summer so fantastic


  1. I wish we had an ice cream maker! All of this sounds so amazing. Hurry up, summer!

  2. oooh I love peaches in wine! Especially port. Yum!

    Marisa, I have to say, I am loving this series! just found your blog and reading all these guest posts is putting me in such a good mood! :-)

  3. that last picture is too cool!

  4. peaches in white wine sounds delicious!

    Travel In Style

  5. I totally want to get an ice-cream maker this summer. Such a sweet post and wish you both a lovely Monday, darlings

    Ps: I’m hosting a super cute Ruche GIVEAWAY later today! Hope you’ll join in :)

  6. Btw: Your "hairgasm" comment made me giggle so much. I loved it! Thanks, sweetheart:)

  7. Love your rear view shot! Peaches soaked in wine sounds like it could be my new favourite. ;)