Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We want the cup!

I got my sister to write up a guest post for me today because a) I am swamped and, b) she texted me a picture of these awesomesauce cupakes the other day and I couldn't not share them. The world needs to see these. Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Hello all!

This is Marisa's sister Mireille coming at you from hockey crazy Vancouver. In my current unemployed, lazy-summer state my days are spent either (a) baking (b) watching hockey or (c) baking some more. So being the multi-tasking queen that I am I decided to combine the two and I am proud to bring you badadadadadadadadada (that is my written drum roll)

Boston Creamed Stanley Cupcakes!

So funny story behind these: I wanted to make Canucks themed cupcakes and I was looking around for a recipe and after some internet perusing I settled on making Boston cream cupcakes— I didn't even make the connection! In relaying this story to my dad he came up with "Boston Creamed" (so I can't take the credit for the hilarious pun.)

Hope everyone has a great week!

Oh yeah, Go Canucks Go!


  1. These look soooo good! Great job with the frosting - they look delicious! I want one!
    Star Hughes Living

  2. Those cupcakes really are the bee's knees!