Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Here's part two of my round-up of favourites from Saturday's Art vs Craft fair. Check out the snazzy free tote they handed out at the door!

Duck and Cover | Nikki Hollander creates these awesome resin film strip bracelets. You could wear moments from ET, Star Wars, Blazing Saddles and many more! website // shop // twitter

Miki Christopherson | Miki makes gorgeous, geometric pieces that are elegant and really highlight the beauty of the materials. supermarket // etsy

Paper Michelle | Michelle Zerzanek has a great line of stationery that features fun graphics (look at that gnome, need I say more?) and clever phrases. website // shop // twitter

Team Nerd Press | I just finished making some linocuts for some printed wrapping paper and I had forgotten just how difficult it is to cut that dang stuff! So I was doubly impressed by Nathan Adam Beadel's gorgeous linoleum & woodblock prints after my feeble attempts at the medium. His prints mix great graphics and type and are printed on a beautiful neutral chipboard base. Check out more from Team Nerd Press here.

The Wind & The Sail | Laura Stantz is the crafter behind The Wind & The Sail. I love her plush animals with their neutral bases and pops of colour and pattern. website // shop // blog // facebook

iamhome | The wall decor pieces made by this husband and wife team from Chicago caught my eye—in particular their fences. These pieces are made from a combination of reclaimed wood and plastic pieces cast from the wood itself. I love the coloured pieces in combination with the natural wood. Each fence is named after a Chicago street and is one of a kind. website // etsy // supermarket // twitter // tumblr


  1. Very nice assortment! Xmas is the ideal season to focus again on really nice handmade art as gifts! Cheers, Igor xoxo

  2. The resin film strip bangle is genious! Love anything gold too!

  3. Lots of fun things! I'm going to check out nerd press. I'm such a sucker for letterpress stuff.