Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I'm signing off early this week to enjoy the turkey day festivities! I still find it strange that Thanksgiving is so late in the States but as long as I get delicious food, I'm not complaining. I hope everyone in the States has a wonderful food-coma inducing holiday and everyone elsewhere enjoys the rest of the week! I've got an extra long list of links to tide you over until next week that I've split into two parts so that your eyeballs don't get sore.

A delectable suggestion for your Thanksgiving leftovers (via cup of jo)

I know this video is pretty old news, blogwise, but I finally sat down and watched it last weekend.

I love looking at process photos and these letterpress ones are no exception.

Get Happy. (via the fleming files)

A fun way to play with the wax on your Babybel cheese (I always squish mine into an itty bitty ball)

A beautiful new baking video by Rachel!

Audrey and Fred are the bee's knees.

I'm really excited to see this documentary!

This documentary also looks interesting. (via apartment therapy)

A beautiful reading space.

Part two will be up tomorrow!

image // alicia bock

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  1. I'm as smitten with this list as I am with your blog!