Saturday, January 28, 2012


My weekend is already off to an awesome start and I hope yours is, too! Meet you back here on Monday and tell you all about it.

The characters of Alain Gree get crocheted.

Yet again, nature blows my mind (via exPress-o)

Homemade Momofuku Milk Bar Cake. Wow.

These infrared photos of Hong Kong make it look like a cotton candy dream world.

A beautiful chromatic typewriter.

Great (free!) type.

If I eat these for breakfast they count as healthy, right?

Sledding down Capitol Hill in Seattle during last week's snow.

Top 150 Makers Blog List. (As if I didn't already spend enough time reading blogs.)

Chelsey showed me this totally rad cooking apron! (Make sure you watch the video for some tips and tricks in the kitchen!)
An amazing fabric world.

101 new uses for everyday things (via bltd)

For all of the Harry Potter nerds, my coworker sent me this song that a friend of hers co-wrote with a music camp student. It cracks me up.

And, I have an illustration up over on Ten Paces and Draw for this week's theme (carnivores!) if you would like to take a gander. (Based on a sketch by the lovely Alyssa Nassner)

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  1. CAKE! And so many other great things, too! Can't wait to hear what's got you grinning!