Friday, March 2, 2012


The weekend, at last! This was one of those weeks where on Wednesday I thought it was Thursday and  was just disappointed when I realized there was one more day standing in between me and Friday. A few things are on the docket for this weekend including the local auto show and possibly a chili cook-off. Have a good one, everyone and see you next week!

My motto in life.

A pile of beautiful homemade waffles via design is mine

They do exist!

Having a hard time wrapping my mind around this 3D printer.

Montréal architects rescue a Mies Van Der Rohe gas station.

The only thing that pennies are good for.

Pantone flower pots via poppytalk

How adorable are these wine stoppers? (Answer: very)

An amazing home office for an even more amazing job.

And a couple of illustration related things: Adrian shared my contribution to The Everywhere Project earlier this week. I also enjoyed answering some questions for a new interview series on Elie's lovely blog.


  1. love the motto, so agree with you on the 3d printer (how.....?) and love the pantone flower pots

    have a lovely weekend
    sharon x

  2. Thank goodness the weekend has finally arrived–hope you enjoy yours!