Friday, September 28, 2012


Last night the 2012 Milwaukee Film Festival kicked off with its opening night film, Starbuck. I loved it and thoroughly encourage anyone to see it if they have the opportunity. Are any locals checking out any films this year? I'm pretty much going to be living at the movies for the next week. You can read my picks after the jump if you feel so inclined. Have a great weekend everyone!

A (drinking) Game of Thrones (via design crush)

Are you at a hipster wedding? (sooo many mason jars)

Jackson 5 meet Nirvana.

Maybe I'd ride my bike more if it had some polka dot stickers on it.

Incredible portraits by painter Andrew Salgado.

This toast plate. Is awesome.

I love Nick Alston's illustration for this month's theme on Silver Screen Society: Hook!

I'd be relatively sober after this Pinterest drinking game. Glad I got in the Pinterest game relatively early so to easier curate who I follow. (via village)

Strongman band-aids.

There were so many that I wanted to see but here are the ones that I narrowed it down to and that would fit into my schedule.

Step Up to the Plate
Tales of the Night
Le Tableau
Andrew Bird: Fever Year
Let the Bullets Fly
My Dad is Baryshnikov
King Curling
Chasing Ice
Shorts: Let's Get Animated
Shorts: Out of This World

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  1. the mason jar thing is funny :) i'd love to go to a film fest...unfortunately when they have them here they are mostly in german!