Friday, January 18, 2013


It's been a pretty grand week over here that has thus far included live bluegrass music, trying new restaurants, and a game of X-Files pinball. I have high hopes for the weekend! Hope you have something fun planned, catch you on the flipside!

A wall of dust and water (via bltd)

I think a movie bingo night needs to happen in the near future.

Love Emma's contribution to The Scribble Project this week.

I want to try this new Mast Brothers chocolate bar.

Fred Armisen's spot-on Ira Glass impersonation.

Paul Octavius' video of Ann Hamilton's installation is mesmerizing.

Whenever I make it out to San Francisco, I am staying here.

Tina Fey on Twitter.

This new Danish housing development is the coolest. Pun fully intended.

Try and guess what these are made of before you read.

And I have a new blog obsession: Dezeen. I've added it to my link list on the side, too.


  1. I love the Movie Bingo! I love the "impossibly nice apartment" square. My dad's an architect and when I was a kid I would always wonder why architects in movies lived so much more luxuriously than we did!

  2. tina fey on twitter is hilarious :) hope you had a great w/e!