Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Just a quick recap of some of the new places I tried while I was home for the holidays (because I know you are dying to hear about everything I ate in the past three weeks). Prepare yourselves, people:

Cartems Donuterie | 408 Carrall Street (corner of Hastings and Carrall)
I've been waiting to try the donuts at Cartems for awhile now. It was worth the wait, let me tell you. I tried the earl grey (favourite!), Maker's bourbon bacon (kind of tasted like waffles and bacon), and a key lime cream filled one. All amazing.

Japadog | 530 Robson Street and various foodcarts around the city
I didn't really get what the big fuss was about Japadog until I found out that they have one with okonomiyaki on top at which point I added dining at Japadog to my must-try list for Christmas. It quickly became a minor obsession while I was home and it took great self-control not to eat one every time I walked past the store or a Japadog cart while I was out and about.

Rangoli | 1488 West 11th Avenue
My sister and I stopped here for lunch one day. It's the more casual counterpart to Vij's and has also been on my list of must-try places in Vancouver for awhile now. Everything we ordered was delicious and the chai just keeps on comin'. We ordered the Black Chickpea and Onion Cakes in Coconut Curry, Grilled Tilapia, and rice pudding. All highly recommened.

Banditas | 2781 Commercial Drive
Amazing tacos with creative and unexpected fillings. I tried the Connie's and the Ronny Russell along with a hibiscus lemonade. Very vegetarian friendly.


  1. I want to eat at all of these places. Now I just need to get to Vancouver to do so.

  2. An earl gray donut? Seriously? That is one beastly looking dog.