Sunday, July 26, 2009

Three movies I am waiting for


  1. D8 That Chadam trailer looked EXACTLY like the trailer for 9 but waaaaay less cool.

    I'm mildly pumped for Alice in Wonderland though.

  2. Yeah, it really does (I have another batch of trailers of other movies I'm waiting for—one of them is 9. I split it into two posts because six movies in one post seemed a bit much) but Alex Pardee did it so I have hope.

    You're only mildly pumped for Alice?! I am excited but also really nervous. I have high expectations so I hope Tim Burton doesn't HBP it.

  3. Is "The Princess and the Frog" on your other list? :|||||||| IF NOT I COMMAND IT BE

    I'm only mildly pumped because I think Tim Burton is terribly repetitious. I mean, repetitious in a good way, but repetitious nonetheless. Also I have to read the Alice books again, so once I have I'm sure I will be more pumped.

  4. It is most definitely on my list! I get chills every time I see a trailer for it when I go to the movies.

    Repetitious in actors, most definitely. In style, I mean you can always tell when Tim Burton has had a hand in something but I think everything he does is a bit different. It's all good so I don't complain. I have to reread Alice, too. I am just super pumped for this one because Alice already has such bizarre imagery that I think fits Tim Burton so perfectly. I also think he'll be able to add a bit of a creepier take on it that the Disney cartoon totally lacks because it is a pretty freaky story.

  5. I think Alice in Wonderland is on everyone's list. It will me amazing. A little kooky but amazing.