Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Mix #15: That'll do, pig.

Monday Mix is back and there's a theme this week!
(Three guesses which movie I went to go see yesterday!)

Picture here

Went to go see Zombieland yesterday (which was fantastic). I wanted to include For Whom the Bell Tolls in this week's Monday Mix because this song is used in the opening credits of the movie (which, if the rest of the movie had sucked, the opening credits would have made me 42% less depressed about this. They were that awesome). And then a brain-dead, flesh-eating theme was born.

Found this snazzy playlist creator so that I don't have to keep linking to youtube and you can stay right here and listen!

Get a playlist! Standalone player

For Whom The Bell Tolls
Like I said, a-ma-zing opening credits.

My Body's A Zombie For You
Heard this on NPR's All Songs Considered the other day. Could be a very creepy song but the children singing in it (which I do usually find creepy as well) are so cute.

More Human Than Human
I like this remix used on the Covenant soundtrack better than the original.

Ok, I know this song isn't about zombies. But it's called Zombie! And it is just a fantastic song all around.

She's Not There
So, I was looking through my library for zombie-related tunes and, of course, the Zombies came up in the search. The lyrics are so creepily ambiguous in this song that I think it would make a great humorous track for a zombie flick. I mean, aside from the "her voice was soft and cool", it totally fits! And maybe the "her eyes were clear and bright" part, too. Anyone, anyone?

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