Monday, January 10, 2011

Did you know that spinach loves nutmeg? (A Review of Food is Fun)

I sure didn't. That's just one of the things I learned when reading through (and oggling the wonderful design) of Anorak's Food is Fun.

I was so pleased when I found out last month that I had won a contest on Facebook from Anorak. Firstly, because I never win any giveaways (although my luck seems to have changed as of late) and secondly, because it meant that I got a copy of Food is Fun, a new activity book for kids from UK magazine Anorak. If you have never heard of Anorak, then you are missing out. It is a beautifully designed and always fun and colourful British children's magazine that I wish was more readily available on this side of the Atlantic. I recommend you take a little jaunt over to their site to find out more.

I was so excited to flip through this when it landed in my mailbox last week. It was a lot heftier than I was expecting (164 pages) and chock full of fun food-related things. There is really a bit of everything in here: fun vegetable profiles, recipes, activity pages, jokes, interviews, history. From what exactly a celeriac is to the history of the fork, you'll find it all in Food is Fun. All of this is tied together by the fun blue and orange colour scheme and fantastic graphics and illustrations. Terrificly designed, as always.

I think it's a great way to get kids (and grown-up kids) actively engaged in the kitchen (I already have a few recipes bookmarked to try out!) and you are sure to learn something new.

If you want to learn more, you can read a more in-depth overview about Food is Fun over at Anorak and watch the quick video below. Food is Fun is available in the Anorak shop right here.

Thanks Anorak!


  1. Awesome, I'll have to check this out! I love a good food book.

  2. This looks so fun! My boyfriend is always explaining what he's cooking to our (still too young) son. I think I might have to get this for them.

  3. This book is awesomely designed, & it sounds like it's got some great info! I might have to get a copy myself...